Bingbon Launches Carbon Free & Afforestation Project to Help Curb Climate Change Hazards

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Bingbon has thrown in support to help planet earth fight climate change. Bingbon has forged ahead with plans to replenish and revitalize Turkey’s flora and fauna through afforestation efforts. Just last month, the country was set ablaze by wildfires, which left its natural habitat in a chaotic state resulting in severe destruction to the forest and wildlife there.  

Motivated by this phenomenon, Bingbon took initiative by allotting a special budget for what is called “Bingbon Carbon-Free and Afforestation Project”, investing thousands of dollars, purchasing unused land to plant trees. As a rapidly growing exchange, Bingbon has a moral duty and a social responsibility to lend a helping hand with regards to climate change-related issues

Bingbon collaborated and band together with a local team in Turkey whose sole responsibility was to source the land, plant, and water the trees. A total of one hundred trees varying from almond trees, linden trees, walnut trees, and chestnut trees, will be planted on a plot of land in Ankara, the Capital of Turkey.

This project is only the first of its kind. Bingbon will continue to lend full support by funding more projects aimed at environmental protection, climate change, and disaster relief in the future.