Bingbon Is Giving Out Big Prizes to Encourage More Traders to Access Binance’s API

Join the Trading Community: Learn & Earn from Bingbon.

Bingbon now supports access to Binance’s API. Traders can access their Binance API on Bingbon. To encourage traders to actively use the feature, Bingbon has prepared a wealth of rewards. Eligible traders will be invited to a lucky draw on September 30. Users can click here to find out whether they qualify.

The benefits of Binance API binding in Bingbon are numerous, including but not limited to the following:

1.Traders can be recommended by Bingbon community to give exposure thus bringing more users to their home page;

2.Traders are allowed to show the trading records of other platforms with certificates to make their trading strength more trustworthy;

3.Traders can also unlock the new functions of the copy trading service which will be coming online soon.

Bingbon has launched a variety of lucrative prizes to encourage more traders, including Annual Subscription to TradingView Pro. As long as participating and meeting the criteria to use this new feature by September 30, traders will have great chance to win the grand prize!